Edwards Church of Northampton


Edwards Church is a member of the UCC (United Church of Christ) which is a Protestant denomination. The church
is located in downtown Northampton, MA at the corner of Main and State Streets – a location it has occupied for some
143 years, the current church being built in 1957.

Edwards Church is a mid-sized church and they are an open and affirming church, meaning that
they welcome people of all denominations, sexual orientations, races, ages and walks of life to worship and
participate in their programs and activities.

The church offers many programs and activities for its members, friends, and the community at large, over and
above its regular Sunday morning worship service and church school. Volunteer members and staff collaborate to
provide opportunities for youth and adult faith formation; outreach programs and activities in our greater
community; pastoral support and congregational social activities; music ministry; and the stewardship of the

Edwards Church of Northampton was looking to replace its old website presence with a new, engaging, resourceful and
optimized website.

We built them a website that is first and foremost engaging and informative for prospective members –
those who may be “church shopping” because they are new to the area, considering a change to a different
church, looking for faith formation opportunities for themselves or their children, interested in learning more
about Edwards Church’s programs and activities, etc.

Secondarily, the website needed to serve the needs of the congregation and staff, and this was kept in mind as we planned and developed content for the new website.

The site is now easily managed using the WordPress content management system, and adapts to the capability of the visitor’s device using a responsive layout, featuring a design created in collaboration with Sketchiedesign.